We went from paying vendors 60 days past due to getting profit dividends in just one year. VAST was hands down one of the best decisions we ever made, and has made a huge impact on our business and our bank accounts!
— Shila Morris, The Squeeze In
VAST is a world class operation that offers high level accounting but with the small town feel I want for my company. My VAST team goes beyond the numbers and makes sure to understand the why.
That’s why I love VAST.
— Laning Andrews, Absinthe Films
Tanya and her team are doing such a phenomenal job. The team has deep expertise and excellent people skills. I also love their common sense and no nonsense approach to our business. This is an almost unheard of combination in the accounting field!
—Sandra Gallagher, President/CEO & Co-Founder, Proctor Gallagher