At VAST, We Don’t Take Hostages

With nearly 85% of small businesses in the United States using Quickbooks, there is a really, really good chance that, if you're a small business, you do too. So, when you outsource your accounting to a virtual accounting firm, why would you want them to move all of your critical data to a proprietary system that you've probably never heard of? Sure, many of these systems have snazzy dashboards and additional reporting that the firm can automatically feed over to you, but at the end of the day you are stuck with that program once you make the switch. Like it or not. You are held captive by the firm that understands the program and knows that you need them to help navigate it.

At VAST, we don't take hostages. We keep the accounting for our clients safe and sound in the same Quickbooks file and version of Quickbooks that we initially received from you. Sure, we clean it up and make me sure it is in tip-top shape, but there’s no need to spend our time (and your money) transferring all your financial information into some obscure system.

We keep your accounting current and reconciled so you have full reporting and full transparency whenever you need it. You can log directly onto your Quickbooks file on our cloud server or simply download your reports from our secure portal 24/7, even if our offices are closed for any reason (after hours, holidays, weekends, etc.).

Our talented team here at VAST believes that entrepreneurs are empowered by financial information. Therefore, we want our clients to have full access to their information and full faith and confidence in the condition of their data and the system it's kept on.

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