Be The Prophet In You

Not too long ago I came home after an exceptionally bad day. A day where you don’t know whether to tell the world to go to Hell or just sit down and cry. Every entrepreneur has days like this. A little while later, I was putting my four year old, Ashton, to bed. He leaned over to me with big blue eyes and tousled blond hair and out of the clear blue sky said “Mommy, did you know the good guy always wins?”

After choking back my tears and desire to scream, I realized that I certainly wasn’t feeling that way. But, in that light, this was just what I needed to put the dire circumstances of my horrible day in perspective.

Did you know that the reason a prophet is so successful or considered all-seeing is that, in almost every case, once they tell their student their fate, it becomes so? This is because that student believes it to be true. Think about it in a negative light – if a fortune teller read your fortune and told you that your fate was to be hit by a bus, would you not starting looking over your shoulder just a few times more to look out for careening motor coaches?

What if we use this theory to our advantage? How often have you needed to cover payroll only to find that exactly what you needed, after much work, was produced? What if you aimed for a higher amount? Say $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000 above what you believe you need? Then, covering payroll doesn’t sound so hard does it?

It reaches to other areas of your business as well. Raising capital, producing dividends, increasing sales, it all works the same way. You expand your outer boundaries and what you can accomplish as a business owner or in any other facet of your life expands as well. It is all in your perspective and belief in this to be true.

Whatever your goals are for 2015, sit back down with them and add ten or twenty percent. Add more if you want to. Are you projecting 20% growth in sales this year? Make it 25% and get out there and make it happen. A 10% increase in net income? Up it to 12% and go do it. You are the new vision that will make it so. I had let my bad day get the better of me. It beat me down. Instead, I needed to be my own prophet. Just like you, I felt I was a good guy and, damn it, come Hell or high-water, like the old saying tells us, I was going to win.

As a business owner or business leader, we are our own worst critics and sometimes our most staunch barriers. Break this cycle with a belief system of success. Because when you change your view, what you are looking at will most definitely change. Be the prophet in you.