Giving Thanks to All Our Clients


A great American tradition is taking a day out of the year to give thanks for all that we have. At VAST, we have so very much to be thankful for. This last year has been absolutely wonderful for us, and all that we have is because of our wonderful clients, regardless of which of our many virtual accounting and virtual bookkeeping services you enjoy. It’s our clients that have made our jobs worth waking up for every morning. To say that you’re what keeps us going is an understatement. Our clients mean so much more than that.

Thank you for believing, like we do, that we truly can revolutionize the way businesses handle their accounting. Our virtual bookkeeping services aim to make the life of a business owner much simpler. You no longer need to invest huge sums of money into an onsite accounting department. For many, this would probably be enough, but we go even further. By making your financial information easy to read, always accurate and with unlimited accessibility, you always have the information you need to make important business decisions.

As virtual bookkeeping and virtual accounting gain more momentum, we are thankful to be your choice for providing all of the related services. Our goal is to make sure that our clients can always rely upon us. We treat our clients like they are the best in the world, because we honestly think they are. We look forward to serving you for countless years to come. But no matter how long we have worked with you, we will always be thankful for your patronage.

This year, as you gather around your Thanksgiving table, enjoying valuable time with your family and friends, we want you to know that your virtual bookkeeping and virtual accounting is well taken care of. And if for some reason, the conversations lead you to thinking about your business, your accounting information is available for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Even on Thanksgiving.

From all of us here at VAST, have a wonderful, carefree Thanksgiving.