Professional Motivation

The Most Important Thing

What's the most important factor to consider, measure and focus on in your company?  

That new office space? No. The design of the website? No. A great sales team? No. A viciously re-negotiated postage meter lease?  No.  A good attorney?  No. 

All of these things are just parts of the puzzle. The most important thing to focus on in business is profitability. Period. 

And you can't be profitable (even with a good amount of luck) if you can't see what's going on in your business.  

Now I know what many of you are thinking... But I care about my customers!  It's not about the profit!  It's about my passion for what I'm doing!  Yeah. I'm sure it is. I feel the same way about my clients, employees and business. 

But riddle me this- how effective will you be if you're company is bankrupt?  If you get behind in your taxes in order to cover rent?  If your waking up at two in the morning with a panic attack because you can't cover payroll?

I promise you- I've been there. You will be a much more effective and passionate entrepreneur if your venture is profitable. Profitability begets flexibility. It buys freedom. Not freedom to fly off to Cayman and live on the beach....that's a different post. 

I'm talking about freedom to take your dream in the direction you want. To be relaxed and real in your dealings with clients. Freedom that fills you up and makes you love what you are doing. Freedom to allow you to give back in all the ways you dreamed. 

Focus on profitability first and all of your hopes and dreams of flexibility, contribution, passion and impact will follow!

Entrepreneurship Tips: Staying Focused on the Pride of Owning Your Own Business

Simply said, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Staying motivated, keeping your business above water and living a healthy life outside of your business may not seem overwhelming on paper, but if you've lived it, you know it's enough to swallow you whole. The world of owning your own business can be the most rewarding endeavor of your life, but it can also be the most detrimental. While VAST handles the financial side of small businesses, we do so for the sake of small-business owners so they can stay focused on the heart of their business. We’ve picked our brains to come up with the following entrepreneurship tips to stay grounded when owning your own business.

Remind Yourself “Why”

On a regular basis we hear stories of individuals setting out to achieve their dreams and make a difference in their community through their business endeavors, but all too often they become consumed with the idea of a dollar. When the going gets tough, reminding yourself of why you started your business in the first place can be a breath of fresh air while keeping your morals in line.


Stay Grounded Outside of Work

Some of the most successful professionals understand that work is simply work. They are passionate about the work they do because they know the impact of their performance (in the community, at home, etc.), but their professional life is only a small piece of their life puzzle. Spending time with family and pursuing your hobbies--among so many other activities you find passion in--will keep you motivated and grounded inside and outside of the office.

Develop a Trustworthy Professional Network

As the owner of small business, it’s easy to feel lonely and discouraged because you believe you are the only person in your shoes. While in some ways you are, there are millions of entrepreneurs in this world who know your struggles first-hand. Develop a network of similar-minded professionals from all industries and share your successes and your struggles. It helps, trust us.

Entrepreneurship is so rewarding. But at the same time, it can be so difficult. Team VAST takes pride in the work we do for our clients, and we are happy to provide entrepreneurship tips for success. Keep moving and shaking, all you daring movers and shakers!