Do What You Kick Ass At

You know what you kick as at doing. Deep down. Yeah, it's there. I recently watched one of those reality show where various contestants belt out notes that only our canine friends can hear and was reminded of an area I most decidedly do not kick ass at- singing.

I was not born with gifted vocal cords. Talk your ear off? That I can do (just ask my husband). Scream my head off at a baseball/football/basketball game? Sure. I am THAT crazy person. But singing? Not a chance. I even dread singing happy birthday at a kids birthday party (seriously). Always flat, sounding like some poor drowned animal. What can I say? Those girls (and guys) that belt out inhuman notes in front of audiences? Beyond my wildest imagination.

Numbers. Now, that's my thing. Not regurgitating sections of the Internal Revenue Code - although I can do that too. Numbers. I love them. I'm not talking about mental math - I can't tell you the square root of 925,444 on a dare. (I had to use my calculator. It's 962.)

But I can tell you whether I think a small business is going to make it - or if I don't, then what it would take to get them there. I can also tell you how much cash they are spinning off, what the net profit margin is, what their shareholders are making and what they should be making, how their AR is turning over, how aged their AP is, what it would take to turn their cashflow around, and whether their underwriter at their bank will most likely approve their line of credit. I can also tell them if their bookkeeper is incompetent, honest or just pissed off. And I can tell you all of this while taking into consideration the personal goals of the owners, their goal for their company and how much money they want to make.

I am not telling you all of this as part of my marketing. I am telling you this as a no nonsense, seriously aggressive nudge to inspire you to do what you love and what you are good at. The two miraculously intertwine and the planets align when you are there. If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Get out there, do what you love and kick some ass!