Talk about the Passion

cartoon-8-9-2011 Willy Wonka said “if you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Wanna change the world? There’s nothing to it.”

Are you passionate about your work? I mean ‘drive ninety miles an hour across town and charge in the door with a flourish’ passionate? I know I am. Or at least I was. And it occurred to me recently that something had changed.

Now I’m generally known as an enthusiastic if not at times overly energetic person. And I have also been known to need to be peeled off the ceiling when energized by a particularly exciting idea. And I know that a lot of you are just like me in that regard…

But at some point recently in this “recession” or “depression” or whatever you call it, something had managed to pry my rose colored glasses off of my face.

But what’s the difference? Not much in my world had changed. True. I had clients that were hurting. And being married to a builder, I felt the sting of the free falling numbers. But professionally, my firm had faced its fair share of growing pains and struggles before and I had been just as passionate about my work at times when we had struggled more feverishly than in this new economy. I realized that I had to face my own paradigms about excelling in today’s business climate.

As an entrepreneur the passion and vision that you bring to your company is an art and your irreplaceable contribution to that organization’s pulse. Reinvigorating that passion while taming financial fear is something I talk to clients about every day – it’s something I myself try to stay focused on. Fear is the kryptonite of passion. It can undermine the greatest exuberance in a single blow. The challenge is to stare down that fear and maintain that passion to execute your purpose in this world.

What if Willy’s right? What if we really can change the world and the only thing missing is our passion? Well, I ask you then to go grab that passion. Because as Tori Amos says in her song, Crucify, “you’re just an empty cage if you kill the bird.” So go harness that passion, run with it and change your world.