The Beauty of the Subscription Box Trend

Whether you live in a large city or a rural farm, you get mail. For most people nowadays, the mail is pretty lame, right? It includes underwhelming items like useless advertisements that nobody cares to look at (that are equally as wasteful for the environment), bills, bills and not-so-much more (including bills).

However, there is one part of the mail system that can really brighten anyone’s day: the part where you get something you like. Whether it’s a birthday card, a present for graduation or something you purchased for yourself, receiving gifts and goodies in the mail is wonderful, like a blast from the way it once was. It’s like Christmas, but delivered from a man in a van wearing a brown suit or a blue hat (depending on your carrier). And, now it's a business model that's not only genius but incredibly profitable.

What’s really impressive about the entire subscription box trend has to be how quickly it has expanded. For years we’ve had wine of the month and other “of the month” clubs, but it wasn’t until just a few years ago that the concept was applied to consumer goods that we use on a consistent basis (like razor blades).

The idea is genius, and the trend has caught fire over the past year. Although there is yet to be a credible estimation of businesses operating under the subscription-box business model, estimates are well into the thousands.

So, what’s so great about them anyway? Well, let’s see. Their valuable, often offering discounts for subscribing to a service. Their fun, delivering new products that most of us often haven’t heard of. And, they support smaller companies, often ones we didn’t know existed.

While we don’t have an exact financial analysis for exactly how the subscription box has affected the online economy, we’re tipping our Team VAST hats to the subscription box for delivering everything from kitty litter to snacks to pet food to medication to razors right to our doorsteps (or offices) each month and for being a newish fantastic business model.

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