The VAST Virtual Accountants Award for Breaking the Glass Ceiling

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the U.S. Department of Labor defines the glass ceiling as "the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements." While anti-discrimination laws designed to dismantle the glass ceiling do exist, they are often enforced in lax or non-existent ways. In light of the modern day where equality is being fought for on social, political and professional platforms, women around the nation are working harder and working smarter to become pioneers in industries long-dominated by men. Women who redefine their industries, women who work not only for themselves, but also in the name of women’s rights and the idea that gender should not and cannot hold them back.

The VAST team is all about progress; therefore, it only seemed fitting to highlight a woman who has made waves in the field of technology for women around the world.

Esther Dyson

The VAST Award for Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Known as the most influential woman in technology, Esther Dyson is no stranger to challenging the status quo.

She enrolled in Harvard at the age of 16. She attained immense success as a reporter for Forbes. She’s even a trained cosmonaut (what? woah). In the male-dominated technology industry, there’s really no one like her.

According to a May 2014 article by the BBC, Esther has built her empire by investing in new technology for decades—one of few female tech investors of the century.

As the CEO of her own company, EDventure Holdings, Esther spends her time today investing in new business models in the areas of health, technology and even aerospace. She works to help men and women around the world through her investment in companies aiming to boost health practices through advances in technology.

Esther Dyson has rocked the tech industry from the day she stepped onto the field after graduating Harvard. She has shown the world success can, and will, be achieved by anyone in any field through hard work, ingenuity and innovation.

Esther Dyson, our hats go off to you from the team at VAST for all you have achieved and what is to come from all that you’ve done!