What Is Virtual Accounting?

Tax season has again blown by and we are certain that it resulted in the loss or graying of at least a few hairs on every business owner’s head. Well, maybe not those proactive entrepreneurs who take advantage of our virtual accounting services, as we’ve made the process of keeping accurate books and accessing valuable accounting information as easy and efficient as possible for our clients. VAST’s system puts to work industry-leading accounting professionals to make your bookkeeping simple and reliable throughout the year so your business is prepared for tax season. It is a frequent occurrence for many business owners to face extra charges from tax preparers to “clean up” their books before processing annual tax information. It is understandably frustrating considering that many of these business owners employed professional accountants to manage their books.

With VAST, our expertise can reduce the necessity for these extra charges. Typically, for less than the cost of having an on-staff bookkeeper, we can handle your accounting with the expertise of high-level professionals. This makes our system the choice of many business owners across the nation because it allows them to free their time from managing an in-house professional if they choose. However, our flexibility also allows them to keep their accountant if they wish and work with us to provide better tools and techniques to enhance their accounting.

By the time tax season rolls around next year, we could have your books fit to impress even the most stringent tax preparer. We are committed to offering services that are custom tailored to your needs, but no matter how many services you would like VAST to take care of, you can expect unsurpassed excellence and attention to detail. Our financial professionals are of the highest caliber and endure constant checks to ensure their work is precise.

Save your hair, VAST is only a phone call away.