Your Dream Job

I have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs from all over the country who want to startup or grow their company. The focus of my initial conversations with them is usually on how to get more. More sales growth, more profit, more time, more working capital, more locations. More. More. More.

After our initial conversation on "more", I turn them to the concept of "there."  Where is "there"?  Ask yourself what you would love your company to do or be. While being able to support yourself or make a certain amount of money can be on that list, that should be a basic requirement and not the ultimate goal. The answer to what you would love is an expansive, freer expression of the work you truly want to do in this world.

The dreams entrepreneurs have for their company are all very different. My dream is to make a meaningful impact on the entrepreneurial movement through VAST, because I truly believe that small business changes the world. I work with clients whose dream it is to impact the local food movement, medical technology, changing lives through coaching, naturopathic supplements, low income housing, geothermal plants in third world countries, schools in villages in Africa, software that improve small business efficiency, wellness retreats and much more. 

So, what is your "there"?

Here are three steps to ensure you're closer to living the dreams you have for your company:

1.  Identify your dream. Put together a solid description of why you do what you do and how it matters. What would you love for your company?

2. Build a financially strong company. If you are living a meager existence, you will not be free to be creative enough to deliver your gifts to the world. Your company needs to have a strong financial foundation to fuel you to follow the dream. What are your financial needs from your company?  And what would be the ultimate or highest amount you would love to make from your company?

3.  Measure progress along the way. Constant and never ending improvement within your company will make your dream more attainable than you think. How can you serve your dream on a daily basis to ensure you are making the right kind of progress?

You can't hit a target you can't see. By getting clear on where your "there" is both financially and within your dream for your company, you truly can change the world.