Clients were constantly asking us to make recommendations on systems they should use to support the infrastructure of their operations.  So, we curated an online marketplace of VAST Gamechangers for your business. Each of these products has been hand picked and tested by the VAST Team. 

Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing customer relationship management software that is easy to use.

Infusionsoft makes e-mail marketing easy. You can create beautiful e-mails, forms and follow up sequences to ensure that your clients are getting the TLC they deserve. Best part: Infusionsoft works for small business and small business only.


From Quickbooks to payroll services, Intuit offers a wide variety of accounting products for small to mid sized businesses.

Basically, Quickbooks makes our lives (and our clients' lives) easier. We use Quickbooks for every VAST client to ensure we achieve the reporting that we strive for. If you are in need of an accounting software, VAST highly recommends Quickbooks.


Square is a merchant and credit card processor in the United States, Canada and Japan.

Square is incredibly user friendly and takes a very reasonable 2.75% per transaction. They also have a slick reporting system so that the user can track sales easily. And, there are no minimum sales requirements or fees to sign up!


Zenefits is a cloud based human resources software that is particularly helpful with health insurance.

If you can name it, Zenefits can handle it (at least in the HR realm). They've got you covered from benefits & insurance all the way to vacation & paid time off. Save the headache and go with Zenefits.


Intuit Assisted Payroll is a payroll software that integrates with Quickbooks to make reporting easier.

Intuit Assisted Payroll is ideal for companies with complex benefit structures. They're also really good at handling commissioned employees, bonuses and PTO which can be a little complicated at times. It's perfect if you have more than five employees.


Zen Payroll (as that name would insinuate) is a payroll processing software that also handles those pesky tax filings.

Zen Payroll is affordable and guarantees that you will always pay your employees on time. They not only process payroll for you but also complete your company's tax filings which can be complicated, tedious and time consuming. We recommend Zen Payroll for companies with five or less employees.