VAST Launch


VAST Launch provides the time-strapped entrepreneur with the documents necessary to launch a new business in Nevada. You have enough on your plate. Let us handle the paperwork.


What you'll get:

A Nevada Entity (LLC or Corporation)

We start out with a Launch interview. It takes less than an hour of your time, but we cover all of the important details of your new business like the name of your new entity, any other owners involved, location, primary industry of business and more. By the time we're all done, we have everything we need to hit the ground running (aka file the paperwork needed for your new business).

An Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An EIN is a unique 9 digit number that acts like a Social Security Number for your business. You need an EIN to do handy things like open a new bank account for all the money you're going to make and file a tax return to keep the IRS happy. 


All Within 3 Business Days!

For only $1,500 (+ the fees to the NV Secretary of State), you'll be able to focus on everything else you have on your plate as you're scrambling to open your new business. With the added bonus of being able to open your brand spanking new business checking account in less than a week.



Want VAST Launch?

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