About Us

At VAST, we believe you can get a Fortune 500 level accounting department for a fraction of the cost.  Therefore we have compiled a highly qualified, diverse and helpful team to accomplish that. 

VAST, a division of The CFO Group, Inc., is an expertly qualified team of accounting professionals and certified public accountants that provides services in the areas of virtual accounting, public accounting, tax preparation and accounting consulting in the United States and Canada.  Established in 2002 in Reno, Nevada, we are confident that you will find our team’s experience and depth of knowledge well suited to best serve your needs.  

When working with your organization, we look beyond the accounting entries to the activities and processes they represent.  This allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your business.  For each engagement, we carefully select a team with the appropriate industry expertise and skill set to ensure we are able to provide superior services at a total lower cost.  We work directly with the management and other key members of your team to ensure your organization’s relationship with us runs smoothly.

Our goals for your organization are clear: we want to improve your financial reporting, gain efficiencies in operations and increase profitability.  We firmly believe we can achieve these goals and we look forward to developing close trusting relationships with you and your team.


What can I expect when I begin working with VAST?


We’ve worked diligently to ensure that working with VAST is an enjoyable, effective and transparent experience. Once we both agree we are a good fit for each other, the first step is to schedule a meeting between your internal team and your VAST:Team.  We refer to this initial meeting as VAST:Triage.  

You’re probably most familiar with the medical definition of triage.  But, Webster’s dictionary has an additional definition of triage that we apply here at VAST.  It defines triage as “the assigning of priority order to projects on the basis of where funds and other resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success.” 

During VAST:Triage, we will learn more about your company and walk through all of your accounting processes to ensure we understand your company and its unique needs.  We will also get details on any critical or high risk areas within the company that need to be addressed more urgently than others.  This could include anything from past due tax returns to financial records that are in need of cleanup.  With VAST:Triage we will get off to the best start possible and your accounting will be in great shape.

At VAST, we know valuing your financial health is an absolute truth to owning a successful company. We also recognize that financial knowledge does not always come naturally and that business owners may need a little guidance. So, as part of the VAST:Triage process we’ve made our ten part video series “VAST:Map” a prerequisite for coming on board with VAST. This educational package covers everything from tax planning to making sure you have an entity in place that is perfect for your company.

The benefits of VAST:Map are twofold. On one hand, completing the VAST:Map training will ensure that we speak the same language making the transition to VAST smooth and efficient. On the other hand, it will drastically improve your future business endeavors, acuity and growth goals. It’s a no brainer.

What exactly do monthly VAST services include? 


We want to be much more than just your basic accounting department.  By giving you the tools and resources to help your company grow, we are promoting your continued success. 

The Menu of Services outlines a series of tasks and who will be responsible for each broken down into four main accounting service areas – Accounts Receivable (Who Pays You), Accounts Payable (Who You Pay), Payroll (Who Works for You) and Reporting (Knowing Your Results).  Below, we have identified these four main accounting service areas and how VAST performs within each.

If VAST is handling your accounts receivable: 

VAST can handle all aspects of accounts receivable.  We are able to process billings and also deposit receipts.  Alternatively—and what is most common—is that you continue to deposit receipts and send us the supporting documentation so we can record it on QuickBooks.  We track pertinent information for you, such as sales commissions, and sales divisions so that you receive the details you need to run your company.

If VAST is handling your accounts payable:

As part of our virtual Accounts Payable processing, we maintain scanned copies of documents within your accounting files (including all vendor invoices and supporting documentation).  We utilize a bill pay service called Bill.com.  We will work with you to train your team on this system so that you have access to and an understanding of exactly where your data lives. 

When it is time to do a check run, we will send you (or an authorized signer on your checking account) a group of reports that includes what we are recommending be paid based on due dates and available cash as well as an accounts payable aging report showing all bills due.  After you approve the check run, VAST will then process the payment of those invoices on your behalf—saving you time and money.

If VAST is handling your payroll:

We work with two outsourced payroll services to ensure that your payroll processing is cost effective and efficient.  One is called Gusto Payroll and one is Intuit Payroll.  We have chosen Gusto Payroll because of its advantageous pricing for companies with small numbers of employees and because of the ease of using its platforms.  We have chosen Intuit Payroll Service because of the strength of its reporting and its ability to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks.  If your organization already outsources payroll, you can certainly choose to stay with your current service.  If you are not currently outsourcing payroll, we can handle the setup of your outsourced payroll and make recommendations on which service we feel is the best fit for you. We work directly with your payroll service to provide the information they need to process payroll, pay tax deposits and prepare payroll tax returns.  Our work with the payroll service is included in your VAST monthly fee.  The fees paid to the payroll services are an additional cost and are paid directly to the payroll processor as part of their deduction for payroll from your company checking account.    


At month end, VAST will perform close procedures and prepare financial statements.  Standard monthly procedures include, among other things: completing bank reconciliations, recording monthly journal entries (depreciation, prepaid expenses, etc.), reconciling credit cards and other debt to statements, and preparing sales and use tax returns. 

How am I going to be charged for VAST services?



As we take over your accounting, we go through a process of reconciliation and review to ensure that your accounting starts off on the right foot.  Our estimate of fees for this triage phase is included in your Menu of Services. 

The amount we have included is our best estimate of the cost of the VAST:Triage for your company.  Because we are just getting to know your company, if information comes to our attention that makes us believe that the estimate for Triage will change, we will inform you of this as soon as possible. 

Payroll Setup

If you are not already utilizing a payroll service, we will handle the process for you and charge a one-time payroll setup fee that is based on your organization’s number of employees (typically ranging between $150 to $400).  The payroll service will also charge a minimal start-up fee. 

VAST Monthly Services

We will provide virtual accounting services as outlined in the Menu of Services.  As your company evolves, we can tailor the services accordingly. We will provide a tailored financial package on a monthly basis. 

VAST is billed at a fixed monthly fee and electronically withdrawn from your account in advance on the first of each month.

Consulting Services | Standard hourly rates $85 to $295 per hour.

We can also provide additional consulting and VCFO (Virtual Chief Financial Officer) level services for additional projects that fall outside of VAST such as budgeting, loan packages, software implementations, and more.  Because of the fluctuations in volume of these services, we will bill these services at our standard hourly rates.  We can also discuss a fixed monthly retainer if you would prefer.

Tax planning and creation of custom tax estimates outside of our standard tax preparation are billed at our standard hourly rates. 


We will host the Company’s QuickBooks file on the desktop version of Quickbooks.  We will also set up an account for you on our secure portal.  Both the hosting of your QuickBooks file and your portal are provided free of charge

If you would like direct access to your QuickBooks file, we offer access for our clients through a cloud hosting partner.  Through this partner, you receive unlimited storage and technical support as well as the ability to add other features such as Microsoft Office Products, Page Manager scanning utilities and others.  You can access these files from any computer (PC or Mac) or mobile device (tablet or smartphone) at any time 24-7 via an internet connection.     

User Account to Hosted Servers - $54.99 per concurrent user per month. (This includes a per user fee to Intuit).

If you wish to access your QuickBooks account through this solution, you must maintain a valid QuickBooks license for each user and that license must correlate to the version of QuickBooks you are currently using.  While we recommend purchasing this license directly from Intuit, if you do not have a valid license or do not wish to purchase this directly from Intuit, you may rent a license through the hosting partner. 

If your accounting requires additional software packages to be installed on the same server as your QuickBooks files, we can coordinate with you to ensure these are also uploaded to the cloud server.  The charges for the additional software packages range from $10 to $55 per month depending on the system requirements of the specific software. 

Tax Return Preparation

We are also able to prepare any Federal or State Tax Returns for your company or individual owners as estimated on your Menu of Services.  In addition to the fee estimates we have included on your Menu of Services, we charge a processing fee of $50 per return filed.