Frequently Asked Questions

With the financial information your Vast team provides you, you are empowered to make the decisions you need to build the life of your dreams. Your committed Vast team is available year round.

  • What can I expect when I begin working with Vast?

    Vast is an expertly qualified team of accounting professionals and certified public accountants that provides services in the areas of virtual accounting, public accounting, tax preparation and accounting consulting in the United States and Canada. Established in 2002 in Reno, Nevada, we are confident that you will find our team’s experience and depth of knowledge well suited to best serve your needs.

    When working with your organization, we look beyond the accounting entries to the activities and processes they represent. This allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your business. For each engagement, we carefully select a team with the appropriate industry expertise and skill set to ensure we are able to provide superior services at a total lower cost. We work directly with the management and other key members of your team to ensure your organization’s relationship with us runs smoothly.

  • Who will be working on my account?

    We will select a Vast Lead to be your dedicated accountant and main point of contact. All our Vast Leads are degreed accountants and have handled a variety of clients in a variety of industries. Your Vast Lead is your advocate and is accessible to you. We also assign a Virtual Chief Financial Officer to your account (VCFO), who will review your financial statements each month. Your Vast Lead will also assign work to Vast Techs, so rest assured your account is being maintained year round by a team of accounting pros!

  • How will you access my information?

    During the Triage on-boarding phase we will work with you and your team to gain access to all systems and financial accounts so that we have access to your information at the end of our finger tips. Our goal is to not have to ask you month in, month out for information that we could access online. This allows us to get to work and provide you with up-to-date information consistently each month.

  • Which systems do you work with?

    At Vast we have developed a Tech Stack - these are our preferred systems. The fewer systems we use, means we can become expert users in the systems we do use, increasing our efficiency to you. Here are some of our favorites:

    QuickBooks Online:
    This cloud-based version of QuickBooks is easier to use, has more automations and integrations, and is more convenient for our clients to access than the traditional QuickBooks Desktop software.

    Gusto Payroll:
    Gusto is an all-in-one platform for businesses like yours to pay, insure and support your hardworking team.
    brings smart AP and AR automation and bill pay capabilities to your business. Gone are the days of printing AP checks - allows us to easily see what needs to be paid, when to pay it and process payments without printing and signing checks.

    QBO Payroll:
    Integrated into your QuickBooks Online file and supported by time tracking abilities, QBO Payroll is one of two payroll services we recommend.

  • What exactly do monthly Vast services include?

    We want to be much more than just your basic accounting department. Vast can handle as little or as much of your accounting as you'd like to support your business, so your Menu of Services is created just for you. We believe we are most valuable to our clients when we provide all-inclusive 360 degree support - Let us worry about the accounting, while you get on with what you do best!

  • How am I going to be charged for Vast services?

    Vast Monthly accounting services are billed at a fixed monthly fee and electronically withdrawn from your account in advance on the first of each month. The Triage fee is our best estimate for this service for your company. Because we are just getting to know your company, if information comes to our attention that makes us believe that the estimate for Triage will change, we will inform you of this as soon as possible. The Triage fee is due up-front prior to work commencing. Tax preparation is quoted based on the complexity of your financial structure and the fee is due prior to the release of the tax return to the taxing authority.

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